A ‘courageous’ man who saved his son’s life in a shark attack is to be honoured at the Queensland Government’s inaugural awards dinner

The man who had to put his life at risk to save his son from a shark after he was attacked by a shark is to receive an award from the Queensland Department of Health.

Aboriginal elder Rodney Lewis, 73, was walking his dog in the Great Sandy in the Gulf of Carpentaria when the attack happened in October.

He said he had been out walking his son to his house and was “just walking up and down” when he heard “a large group of people” running towards him.

“I saw my son’s head turn around and his body go in the water and the shark was just coming up on him,” he said.

“And he just went out to the side and just got his back to me.”

He didn’t move at all.

I was just like, ‘Oh my god’.

“He said it was a “very brave” act, and the “heartwarming” moment that has inspired him to fight for others.”

And if someone can do it, then we can do something about it.””

There are people out there that need help.

And if someone can do it, then we can do something about it.”

Rodney Lewis said he was out walking with his son when the shark attacked him and his dog.

The elder Lewis was bitten on the leg and suffered minor injuries.

“You can feel it.

It hurts,” he told the ABC.”

The first thing I was thinking was, ‘What’s going on?’ and then it was just my son.”

Mr Lewis, who lives with his wife and four children, said he didn’t think his son was going to survive, but he did what he could.

“It’s just something that I had to do, I had no other option,” he explained.

“There was nothing that I could do.

The shark was right in front of me, he was right up front of him, and it was biting at him.”

Rodrigo Larios, the chief executive of the Queensland Fish and Game Department, said the awards were a “heroic” act by Mr Lewis and the community.

“His bravery, the courage of the people who helped him, the support that they provided to him, is inspirational,” Mr Larios said.

Mr Lewis said that his son had been taken to a hospital in Townsville for a check-up, and that he and his wife were thankful for the “fantastic” people who stood by him throughout.

“Our prayers go out to him and our family,” he added.

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