A ‘perfect storm’ of events has unleashed a massive ransomware attack on a major US corporation

A company’s computer system has been infected with ransomware, a new threat that has left tens of thousands of employees and customers unable to access their banking or credit card information.

The ransomware attack, dubbed “Ransomware 101,” was first reported on Thursday by cybersecurity company Trend Micro, which said it had detected the infection on July 20.

It said that the attack began on July 22, when a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers published a trove of stolen documents, including a PowerPoint presentation that said a “secret government organization” had breached an “international network” in order to steal US government secrets.

The Shadow Broks claimed to have obtained the stolen documents through a cyberattack, but the documents were not released to the public until Aug. 4.

The attack, which Trend Micro called “a perfect storm,” took place when a ransomware attack called “Rocker,” or Ransomware101, took hold on July 26, the same day that Trend Micro released its initial report on the infection.

That report described a number of similarities to ransomware attacks in the past, including the ability to take control of machines by sending phishing emails.

However, Trend Micro said that these similarities could have been due to a combination of factors, including data breaches in the company’s cloud infrastructure, as well as other malicious software.

The malware was not able to infect the corporate network.

Trend Micro said in a statement that it was unable to provide a specific timeline of the events that led to the outbreak, citing “the sensitivity of the subject matter.”

“In light of the nature of the threats and the fact that this is an ongoing investigation, we will not be able to provide additional information at this time,” the company said.

“The cyberattack has caused the breach of at least five corporate networks.

Affected customers have been unable to log into their personal banking, credit card or credit or debit cards, which could affect the ability of them to access or use their accounts,” Trend Micro added.

The company said that it believes that the ShadowBrokers “exploit was likely a part of a larger, ongoing campaign that we suspect is ongoing.”

The company did not disclose the nature or scope of the attacks or say whether the breach was due to the same ransomware attack.

However, Trend, which is owned by the cybersecurity firm Gartner, did disclose that it had traced the attack to the “RooRoo” group, which has been identified by cyber criminals as an offshoot of the Shadowbrokers.

Trend also said that “at least three other ShadowBroks have used the same RooRoost tool,” though it was not immediately clear which one.

The ShadowBroker group has also been linked to a series of ransomware attacks that began last year in Germany and Italy, and has been responsible for a number large breaches.

The attacks, which affected several companies, affected some 2.2 million systems in the two countries.

In Italy, the attacks were attributed to a single group called “Fusion”, according to Trend.

The attacks affected several corporate networks in Italy, which accounted for more than 70 percent of the affected systems, according to the Trend Micro report.

The group that allegedly launched the ShadowRaids, which targeted several US companies, has since been accused of having ties to other cyber attacks, including one in July that affected more than 50 million systems.

The company, which also goes by the names “Gartner Cyber,” has denied the claims, and the group has been suspended by Gartners parent company, Cisco Systems.

The breach at the US companies has affected hundreds of thousands or tens of millions of users, who were either unable to get their information back or had to pay to have their files wiped.

The companies say they have been working with law enforcement to identify and recover information stolen by the attackers.

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