Posted October 11, 2018 09:25:22Australia’s top three private hospitals are poised to launch a national campaign on Monday to push for better support for women, a day after the Federal Government announced it was introducing legislation to help female emergency room patients.

Key points:The Federal Government is introducing legislation aimed at giving emergency care to women who need itThe new legislation would mean hospitals would have to take a ‘did you know’ action if they did not have a female nurse on dutyThe new law, which is expected to be passed before the end of the year, comes after women in the country were forced to travel thousands of kilometres for care in private hospitals after their husbands or partners died of sudden cardiac arrest or other illnesses.

The bill will see hospitals and community organisations required to take ‘dodging action’ if they didn’t have a registered female nurse working in their emergency department.

The Government has promised to change the rules for emergency care after a spate of fatal cardiac arrests that occurred over the last year, with an average of more than three women dying every day.

A number of hospitals have also been ordered to implement better protocols and protocols, but not all have yet taken up the challenge.

“This is a step in the right direction,” said Michelle Dutton, a spokeswoman for the Association of Women and Children’s Hospitals of Australia (AWCHRA), the country’s largest women’s health organisation.

“The changes will help women and their families and will also give a boost to female health care professionals.”

It is a big change, but the Government is doing it.

The ACT will also be the first jurisdiction to be required to adopt this new standard.

“Ms Dutton said a lot of work needed to be done before the new legislation came into force, but it was “a good start”.”

The ACT will be the largest jurisdiction to implement this new requirement and we’re looking forward to working with other jurisdictions in the ACT and overseas to ensure this important measure takes effect,” she said.

In a statement, Ms Dutton pointed to the fact that emergency care in the state of Victoria has been “very low” compared to other states in recent years, despite a record-breaking number of people needing urgent care.”

There is a real need for a national policy that encourages and supports women to access safe and effective healthcare,” she added.”

I look forward to seeing what the Government does in response to this bill and will be working with all stakeholders to make sure the right things are delivered.

“A spokesperson for the Federal Opposition’s Women’s Equality spokesperson, Catherine King, said she would be meeting with Health Minister Sussan Ley on Monday.”

We have heard from our own health professionals, and also our female members, about how they are dealing with the new changes,” Ms King said.”

Women are still facing significant barriers to access care, and the Government must ensure that they are provided with the care they need.

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