Bankers are taking the hit from the big government bailout

By Michael HurleyAssociated PressSeptember 19, 2018 9:45PMSAN FRANCISCO (AP) The big government bailouts that forced banks to reopen after the 2008 financial crisis are being felt, and banks are being forced to pay billions to cover the costs.

It’s not just the cost to the bank’s bottom line.

The fallout is having a ripple effect in the rest of the economy, with companies scrambling to find ways to recover.

Bankers are being asked to help them make a profit and the big banks are paying out bonuses and dividends to help cover the bills, but the money is going into accounts for customers and not the pockets of the bank.

Banks have also had to reevaluate their plans for recovering their investments, which are expected to have a big impact on the financial system.

They will now need to find a way to pay back the money they lent to the big lenders before they are forced to reopen.

The government will not allow a taxpayer bailout to happen until all of the banks are back in business.

The banks must reopen by the end of 2018 or risk losing billions more in government guarantees.

In the meantime, the federal government has asked banks to help the government reopen some of its biggest banks.

Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, UBS, Goldman Sachs and other large banks all have $2.5 trillion in customer deposits, which have to be recovered before they can reopen.

A group of five big banks — Citigroup, Bank of America and UBS — together have $3.5 billion in customer funds they need to reopen in order to make up for the loss of the government support.

That’s the group of banks that will get the bulk of the $7 billion in federal money that was promised to banks as part of the rescue package.

Some of the big players are still waiting to hear from the government on what it will require for banks to re-open.

The Treasury Department has asked them to respond to the request by the middle of next month.

Bars and other businesses have also been asked to provide some of the information they have requested about customers’ accounts to the government, but some of those requests have been rejected, according to people familiar with the discussions.

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