Canada’s telecommunications regulator: Is there a disconnect between the service people and the network?

This week, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) published a draft rule for service providers, including broadband providers, to implement by March 31, 2018. 

In response, the service providers wrote to the CRTC asking for a delay in the rule’s implementation. 

The service providers have argued that the proposed rules would be too restrictive and would not achieve the objectives of net neutrality.

The service owners say that the CRT’s draft rules would allow the providers to charge for faster speeds and to discriminate against broadband users, who they say would be left behind in a world of high speeds.

But a federal judge, Justice Thomas Cote, ruled in February that the service owners’ concerns were unfounded and the CRTD should delay its draft rules until it could complete its analysis of the issues raised by the service users.

The CRTC’s draft rule, released in May, calls for ISPs to give customers the choice of choosing between high-speed access and low-speed service, and for the CRTF to give consumers more information on what service providers offer. 

However, the CRTT has been fighting back against the draft rules.

In June, the watchdog issued a “Notice of Consultation” to the service provider, asking them to provide more information about their proposed service.

“The CRTD has made it clear that they are not prepared to implement the proposed service standards until the CRTS has fully analyzed the proposed rule,” the service’s letter reads.

As part of the consultation process, the agency asked the service to provide the name and address of the CRTE’s general counsel and the head of the commission’s staff.

However, in a response sent on June 17, the office of the CTO of the service claimed that it had not received the CRTV staff’s names or addresses and therefore could not respond to the letter. 

“The staff and CRTD staff are the same individuals,” the letter read.

“Therefore, we are unable to respond to this letter.”

The CRTF responded to the CTE by asking the service, “What you’re asking us to do is delay the rules until the commission completes its analysis.

The commission is not the regulatory body that can actually make these kinds of changes.

The rules should be put on hold until the Commission completes its own analysis.”

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