How to help your employer avoid a labor shortage

A new report from the Center for American Progress finds that while most Americans are likely to see a shortage of work in the coming months, they’re less likely to have any reason to fear it.

“It’s a good time to be unemployed,” the report reads.

“We are in the middle of a recession and there’s a lot of work to be done.

In some places, like Texas and Arizona, unemployment is still above 10 percent.

This means a lot more people are being pushed out of the workforce.

It means that even if the economy is improving, you can expect to see more people who are looking for work.”

The report notes that there are two ways to mitigate the potential for a labor crisis.

One, employers can be more proactive in hiring and retraining.

That’s when companies make sure that their employees have the skills they need to be productive.

But the report also recommends a second method: companies can offer paid leave to workers who aren’t making as much money as they could.

“Many companies are also making some efforts to help their employees get the best possible jobs.

Companies that are making these investments could save a lot on wages and benefits if their employees can get paid leave and be more productive,” said Laura Tauscher, a staff researcher at the Center.

She added that even though many workers will see the end of their benefits and are in danger of losing their jobs, it’s important to note that they will likely get some form of compensation for the time they spend away from their job.

The report also found that the government has a role to play in making sure that Americans don’t suffer a labor scarcity.

It found that states have seen a slight increase in the number of people who have been unemployed or underemployed, and a slight decrease in the percentage of people without a job.

However, the report says, there has been no significant increase in unemployment and underemia.

Instead, it says that many states have been able to offer some form, like paid family leave, for some time now.

“It may seem counterintuitive, but these programs are not going away, and they have the potential to improve the economy,” Tauscer said.

“So employers should consider providing more paid family and medical leave, which could be available for people in a similar position as those of us who were unable to find work because of the recession,” Tusser added.

For more on the recession, see:The report does note that there’s still some work to do before Americans are fully out of work.

The average time it takes for Americans to recover from the economic downturn is about 6.8 weeks, the highest in the world.

But in states like New York and California, it has been much shorter, at 3.5 weeks.

In other states like Ohio, it is still longer than that, at about 13 weeks.

“This is still a long time for people to recover,” Tusk said.

“If you look at some of the places where you’re going to see the biggest growth in unemployment, it could be that the recovery is still being made.”

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