How to keep an ‘old-school’ political party honest with ‘old, old money’

The GOP has become so obsessed with its traditional conservative base that it’s lost touch with its core voters, who have been disillusioned by President Donald Trump’s performance and the party’s refusal to tackle his many policies.

The party is not doing much to appeal to the young and white working-class voters who turned out in droves to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

They are not seeing any of the same populist promises of the Trump era and the GOP has been trying to rebrand itself to appeal in this new era of social media, which is making it harder for the GOP to attract white voters.

Its voters, however, have been willing to overlook its policy failures, which include a government shutdown, the shutdown over its refusal to defund Planned Parenthood and its refusal in recent years to cut spending on programs for veterans.

The GOP is in the midst of an intense effort to change that and is moving aggressively to win over the more liberal voters that were drawn to Trump in the first place.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center on Tuesday showed that more than one in five voters said they were more likely to support a candidate who supports same-sex marriage, abortion rights and transgender rights.

“We are the party that will always have the biggest tent,” said Bob Latta, the president of the Republican National Committee, during an event in Iowa on Tuesday to introduce the party slate of candidates.

But while the GOP may have been able to keep up with Sanders in Iowa and nationally in the past two presidential elections, it has not been able in states like Missouri and North Carolina, where it was able to turn out large numbers of people in large numbers for Trump.

The party’s problems in those states have put pressure on the GOP as it tries to win back the majority in both chambers of Congress, which are up for re-election next year.

The RNC is hoping to turn the party into a viable electoral force.

Latta said the GOP is “still trying to win the election and we are a little bit behind on that.”

The party also needs to “find its identity” and “get back to the core of our values,” Latta said.

“That means we have to find a way to bring back the blue collar voters, white collar voters,” he said.

This includes cutting red tape and ensuring that tax rates don’t go up on the rich.

Latta also said he believes the GOP can be more inclusive than it was during the presidential election because it has made strides to reach out to people from all backgrounds.

In an attempt to make up for lost ground in the South, the GOP’s top operatives have worked to build relationships with minority voters and African-Americans.

The RNC’s strategy in North Carolina is similar.

Its top operatives are targeting Latinos, and its outreach to African-American voters has been aggressive.

On Tuesday, the RNC announced it was launching a new media campaign that will include Latino voices in its ads.

The goal is to get Latinos and African Americans to the polls.

“We want to make sure we reach every part of the Latino and African American communities,” RNC Chief Strategist Scott Reed told reporters.

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