How to save money on airlines via the internet

Israel’s public transportation network is under increasing pressure, and a new app allows users to save time and money.

The new service, Avion, offers real-time pricing for rides on public transportation in the country, including on the high-speed Rail, Metro and Bus lines.

The app’s creators say the app’s interface is easier to use than some of the apps available on the market, but they also admit that Avion is more user-friendly than other services.

Avion offers the following options: 1.

Save time: To take a trip in one of the most expensive cities in the world, you’ll need to pay around €100 per person per hour (€60 for two adults).


Book a taxi: The app can be used for booking a taxi at any time of the day or night.

It also offers a discount on the taxi fare if you book through the app.


Get a free map: Using Avion can save you around €1,000 per year on car rentals in Israel.


Get free WiFi: Avion will show you the best WiFi hotspots in the area, which are usually within walking distance of the bus stop.


Get discounts on food and beverages: The Avion app also lets you save on all the fare of the restaurants you’ve been dining at, such as restaurants and bars, for example.


Get discounted tickets: With Avion you can book discounted tickets for a taxi ride to any stop, and also get discounts for the bus or metro.


Get cheap flights: If you are travelling in Israel’s big cities, Avions app will let you book cheap flights to the airport for a very low cost.

The service is also available in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Haifa, Ashkelon, Ramallah and the West Bank.

Avions is currently available only in Israel, but it has been added to other markets, including the United States, Europe and Asia.


Save money on travel insurance: Avions offers the option to use Avion to purchase travel insurance for a minimum of €3,000 (about $4,200).

This service is only available to residents of Israel, and it can be purchased through the online app, where it is free to use.

Avionics offers the same insurance service, with an additional €4,000.


Get more out of your travel: Avionics will let users see how much they’re saving on airport parking by the amount of time they spend waiting in queues, according to Avion’s website.


Take advantage of discounts on airline tickets: Avios offers discounts on many airline tickets, including those for the flight from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Avios also offers discounts for tickets for the airline to Tel Aviv.

Avionic offers a free flight from Israel to the US for $60, with a discount for booking through the Avion platform.


Get savings on hotel accommodation: For the cheapest hotel accommodation in Israel you can use Avionics to find a place to stay.

The company offers the lowest price of a room for a room in the biggest hotels in Israel and abroad.

Aviotem provides free hotel reservation information.


Get the best deals on car rental: The taxi app will allow you to book rides from Tel Hashomer airport to the nearest car rental station, and the airline offers a discounted rate on the car rental fee if you use the Avionic app.

The Uber app also has similar services.


Get an online discount on flights: The Israeli Air Force provides free flights to destinations in the region.

However, the Israeli Airports Authority (IAA) is the only airline in the territory with this service.


Get extra discounts on hotel reservations: The IAA offers discounts and free booking services on hotels in the Tel Aviv area.


Get cheaper airfare with Avios: The airline’s app is available in all the major cities of Israel.

However the service is currently only available in Israel for the high speed Rail line and the metro lines.

It’s also available only to residents, and not for international passengers.


Get discount on hotel booking: The Airports Administration in Israel offers discounts to hotel booking companies, and you can also use Avios to book reservations with these companies.

The Avios app is also now available in several major cities in Israel (and the US) including Tel Aviv and Ashkel and Ashdods airport.


Get airline reservations at a discount: The website of the Airports Association of Israel says that the IAA is the biggest operator of reservations in Israel with the highest booking fee per reservation, which is €5,400 (about US$7,000).

You can book a reservation through the IA and the Avios platform.

Aviatim, the company that runs Avios, also offers reservations through the service.


Get great deals on airline seats: Aviotes app is an

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