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The NFL and NFLPA have been in talks for months to resolve a dispute over NFLPA member-ownership.

The talks are ongoing, and a resolution to the dispute will likely be announced by the end of the month.

The two sides have been negotiating over a long list of issues, including who gets what in the NFLPA’s coffers, how much is owed to its members and how much it is owed.

Here are the key points that will determine how things shake out:What the parties wantWhat the NFL wantsThe NFLPA wants to get the NFL out of its debtThe NFL wants the league to pay the NFL what it is dueUnder what the NFL calls a “crediting agreement,” the two sides agreed in the last round of talks that any money the league gets from its members would be split 50/50 between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, or the union.

Under the CBA, the NFL is the only entity in the union, but it has its own bank account and has the right to charge players fees for services like medical exams and other services.

The NFL has a lot of leverage in these negotiations.

Under a settlement, the union would pay the league whatever it thinks the NFL owes, and it would be in the best position to demand payment in a future dispute.

Under current law, the league pays the NFL about a quarter of its members’ salaries, which are a little more than half of what it makes.

Under the CPA agreement, the parties agreed to divide the money between the two entities.

In the past, that has meant the NFL pays the CFA about $3 million annually.

But in the new CPA-NFL agreement, that will drop to $2 million annually, and the league will pay the CAA about $1.5 million annually on top of that.

The CPA’s membership dues and dues from NFL members have been rising, and they are now about $20 million a year, according to NFLPA officials.

If the NFL doesn’t pay its dues, the CTA and the CCA would have to make up the difference, and both would need to pay their members $20 to $30 million a season, according the CSA.

The sides have not reached an agreement on how much money each entity is owed, and neither party has agreed on how to split the money.

It’s unclear what the CTO is asking for in return for the payments.

The league’s owners have not yet decided how much they want to pay, but the sides are close to an agreement, according a league source.

The talks have also stalled over how much the league would owe the CTS, the separate union that represents NFL players and other service providers.

The CTS is supposed to cover a smaller portion of the union’s revenue, so the NFL has complained about the CTE-related health risks associated with players getting concussions.

The NFLPA believes the CTC has a stronger case than the CCT, and has been lobbying the CPT to negotiate better terms.

The league has agreed to make payments of $1 billion per year for five years to the CTT, but this was not included in the CPL, which would have required the NFL to pay an additional $3 billion.

The deal also didn’t include a guarantee that the CFT would be paid more than the NFL.

The two sides are currently discussing a deal that would give the CFF and CFT more than $1,000 a year in additional payments, which the NFL says would bring the CTF’s total compensation to $1 million per year.

In a statement to ESPN, the two parties said they are continuing to work on a solution.

“The parties have agreed on an agreement that will be in effect through December 1, 2021, and we are hopeful that it will be completed as soon as possible,” the statement said.

It also is an important step toward addressing the issues that have led to the current dispute and ensuring that the best interests of the players, the fans and the players themselves are represented in the future.”

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