How to write a great blog post

By David Boulware, CEO of Blue Apron.

As we near the end of 2017, we have learned a lot about how to build a great blogging platform and get it published on our own site.

While many of the new blogs are a bit of a mess, I have learned that some of the best content is already written.

We’ve written about some of these, so here’s a summary of the top 10 posts for the month.1.

“I’m tired of waiting for the next great blog.”

(Josie T. Lee) This is a classic “I am tired of waitin'” post, one that has become something of a staple in many of our blogs.

It’s a classic example of how a great post can be shared over a variety of platforms.

Lee explains how the content is “based on my life,” which allows her to connect to the audience and get feedback from them.

This is a common theme in the posts we’ve shared on Blue Aprontakes.

It helps her to be a part of the audience, and to share the content she loves.2.

“How to get your first blog featured on BuzzFeed.”

(Joey DeGarmo) A lot of people are excited about sharing their blog with BuzzFeed.

They’re excited to be featured on the platform, and they’re excited for the opportunity to showcase their work.

But, for a lot of folks, this is a difficult process.

In the past, the platform would provide their content as a “pre-published” article, but BuzzFeed doesn’t provide a pre-published article in its search engine.

Instead, you have to create an article yourself.

And even then, there are several different steps to go through to get an article featured.

It is hard to keep up with all the steps, and that’s why a lot people don’t do this. 


“If you’re a young blogger, I’m your next best friend.”

(Toni Jones) In the last couple of months, Toni Jones has been posting about her journey from blogger to author, which she says was inspired by the experience of working with a small business owner who asked her to write her first blog post.

She has now created over 500 articles.

And in her first post, she shares her own journey of self-publishing, including some of her favorite blogging tips.4.

“You don’t have to be an expert to write your own blog post.”

(Kathryn Burdick) Kathryn Burdicks post about writing her first successful blog post is one of the more straightforward posts on the list.

She uses an old, “must read” book as an example.

It starts with a quick review of what it means to be “a good blogger.”

She goes on to discuss how she came up with the title “Why you should write your first post,” which has helped her in creating this blog.5.

“Do not wait for the best blog to be published.”

(Pamela Lee)The first post in this list, published in October, has become a staple for our readers.

Pamela Lee tells us how to write an amazing blog post, and she shares how to be able to reach out to the readers who care about the content.6.

“A blogger’s job is to share.”

(Daniele Tandelli)Danie, a writer from Italy, has written about how blogging can be an excellent way to learn.

He writes about the many benefits of blogging, including how to keep your blog in a digital environment and how to manage your content.

And, he shares how he uses his blog to help others as well as his own.7.

“What I wish I had known when I started blogging.”

(Brianna Kinsman)The last post in the list is a great example of writing about the world.

Brianna Kingsman tells us about her experience of growing up as a blogger, how she learned to write well, and how she has been blogging ever since.8.

“Why do I have to do this?”

(Bryan Clements) Bryan writes about how he wanted to be the best blogger he could be, but he was scared to do it.

This post has helped him understand why, and why he didn’t want to be afraid to share his story.9.

“Don’t stop when you have a million views.”

(Alexia Lefebvre)Alexia, a recent college grad, is starting a career as a writer and editor.

She shares how she is starting to grow her skills in a few areas, and is excited to continue writing.10.

“The best part of blogging is sharing.”

(Sarah Lipschutz) Sarah Lipsichutz shares how her writing and blogging helps others, and shares the advice she has learned to share her writing.

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