Medical News, Emergency Services Corporation of Queensland, announces the termination of its contract

The Australian Medical Association has condemned the Queensland Government’s decision to terminate its contract with Emergency Services Services Corporation (ESSC) for a second time.

Key points:ESSC will be replaced by a private firm with no affiliation with the State or State GovernmentAs a result of the termination, the Queensland Medical Association says the public is “uncomfortable” with the contractThe Queensland Government says it has asked the ASMA to “review” its decision.

The Queensland Medical Organisation (QMMO) was the first organisation to file a complaint against the Government for the Government’s termination of the contract, which had been in place since September last year.

The organisation said the Government had a “fantastic record of service to the Queensland community”, and had provided valuable services since it was established in 2002.

“This was a decision made on a very simple basis, and it was made without the consultation of the community,” Queensland Health Minister David Campos said on Tuesday.

“We have not had any consultation with the community at all.”

He said he had asked the Government to provide the Queenslanders with a chance to “determine the impact of the decision on Queensland’s public health and welfare”.

“I have asked the Queensland Health Service to review this decision.

We’ve been very clear that we will not accept this outcome and we will appeal the decision,” Mr Campos told ABC Radio Queensland.”

I want to be clear about the fact that we are going to do everything possible to ensure that the Queensland people who rely on our emergency services have access to the best medical care possible, and we have done that in this instance.”

The Queensland Health Board said the Queensland State Government would “look into the impact” of the Government decision on the Queensland Emergency Service Corporation (EUREC).

“The Queensland EUREC was established to provide emergency services in Queensland during the 2013-14 financial year and is currently in the process of completing a contract with an international private health company,” it said in a statement.

“The contract was awarded to the company in February, 2017 and it will be delivered in 2019.”

As a consequence of the cancellation of the contracts, Queensland Emergency Services Corp will be replacing the Queensland Eurec with a private company that will not have a relationship with the Government.

“The Government had not responded to questions about the reasons behind the Government�s decision to cut the contract.

However, a Government spokeswoman said the decision had been made “in good faith” and the contract had not been renewed.”

There are no concerns that the Government made an error in its decision to contract the company to provide services in the Queensland area,” she said.”

When it comes to contracting private companies, we have a very clear policy about not contracting with a company that does not have the same integrity as a Government agency.

“To ensure that any future contracts are awarded based on the best available evidence, we will look into the contract with the EURECs contract.”

QMEO has criticised the Government in the past for its handling of the Queensland emergency service crisis, and says it would be “shocked” if the contract was terminated.

“Our concern is that the contract has been terminated without any consultation,” QMEO president Dr Jennifer Beaudoin said.

“The Government is continuing to fail to provide adequate services to the community, and the people of Queensland.”

“If this is the case, we think the Queensland health system needs a very good review of the contracted services and the role of the State Government in ensuring that those services are delivered to the communities in the best way possible.”

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