New York City’s First Big Apple Home Search Is Just a Short Drive Away

The first big-ticket item for Brooklyn residents to hit the market is a search engine that allows them to find homes in their area.

The search engine, Intersearch, allows anyone to quickly locate a single home within New York, without having to take out a mortgage.

The service is being rolled out by Brooklyn-based Intersearch Corp., a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp., which bought the startup in 2013.

Intersearch is a home search company that has been around for years.

Its parent company, Microsoft Corp. is also one of Intersearch’s customers.

The company launched the service in the spring of 2015, but didn’t make it available to anyone in the U.S. until February 2017.

Now it’s available to New Yorkers in all 50 states.

Interseam also offers a home-search feature for renters and for homeowners.

In a blog post, Interseams CEO Alex Hirsch said the search feature is now available for renters in most of the U-District, including Chinatown, Chelsea, Park Slope, and Williamsburg.

Inter seam will also be available in Manhattan and Queens.

The new search feature also allows homeowners to search for homes on, which is also available in many cities.

“This is a really exciting time for Interseamic and the Brooklyn community,” Hirsch wrote in a blog entry.

The Interseamin is available in several markets, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco.

The feature has been tested in New York State.

Inter Seam says its new search service will be rolled out in the next few weeks, with a full launch expected to happen in the summer.

The product, which can be used on smartphones and tablets, has been available for free in some markets, but the company isn’t offering an unlimited version.

That is a problem for the company, because Interseamer has a business model that relies on advertising and subscriptions to its services.

Hirsch says the company plans to continue to expand its service to more markets.

He says the service is currently available in some cities but not in all.

The Brooklyn search site also offers search options for the neighborhoods it covers, including Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn Heights.

The city is already a hub for online searches, and the search features could help the city attract more businesses and consumers to its neighborhoods.

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