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How to Make Your Own Catering for Corporate Parties

Corporations often prefer to hold corporate catering events for corporate events, but it can be a challenge to plan your catering.If you are not sure what your corporate events are about, the American Conservative has put together a guide to help you plan a corporate event for yourself.Corporate events can

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How to fix a faulty Google Search engine

By now, you’ve probably heard of Google Search, the search engine used by most of us to find information and make our daily lives more efficient.But what about the company’s other search engine, Google Maps?Google Maps is Google’s mapping application, so why doesn’t Google Maps have a real-time search feature? It

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NFL’s NFLPA hits back at NFL’s legal team

NFL’s union filed a legal complaint Thursday against NFL’s labor relations department, alleging the league has violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and other federal laws.The NFLPA, which represents players and coaches, said it’s suing the NFL’s Professional Football Players Association, the league’s collective bargaining representative, because it is

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How to choose the best medical insurance for your business

Businesses and individuals often face multiple choices when it comes to coverage for their medical needs, as there are varying degrees of coverage offered by different health insurance plans.Here are some guidelines to help you determine which plan is best for your company.1.Is your business covered under Medicare or Medicaid?Medicare

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What do you need to know about allstate and primoris corporate services

What do I need to do to get started with allstate or primoris services?In order to get an Allstate corporate service account, you’ll need a username and password.The login details are:Allstate Corporate Services Username: Allstate Corporate Service Password: Allstate Service Account Username: Primoris Services Corporation Username: Primoris Service Account Password:

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