Our firm focuses on meeting the individual needs of the community by providing excellent legal service in a wide variety of legal matters.  We listen to our clients so that we can best serve all of their legal needs.  We strive to foster personal relationships because we want our clients to know that they have a trusted legal resource right here in the heart of Central Nebraska.

후원 수준 및 혜택

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후원 수준 및 혜택

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Real Estate

- Purchase Agreements

- Sale Closings

- Installment Sales Contracts

- Subdivision of Land


Family Law

- Adoption

- Divorce

- Custody & Visitation

- Child Support

- Request for Guardian/Conservator

- Protection Orders


Landlord and Tenant

- Notices to Pay or Quit

- Notices to Terminate Tenancy

- Unlawful Detainer (Eviction Actions)

- Rental or Lease Agreements


Municipal Law

- Advising City Governments/Officials

- Drafting Resolutions and Ordinances

- Creating Policies and Procedures


Civil Litigation

- Personal Injuries

- Property Damage

- Contract Disputes

- Business Disputes


Criminal Defense


- Traffic Violations

- Misdemeanor Charges

- Felony Charges

- Juvenile Cases


Estate Planning

- Wills

- Trusts

- Powers of Attorney


Probate Practice

- Probate of Estates with or without a Will

- Petitions for Inheritance Tax Determination


Business Entities

- Business Formation

- Corporate Resolutions

- Mergers

- Dissolving Business

- Adding or Removing Participants