The sea’s healthiest spots – report

The oceans are one of the planet’s most biodiverse environments, and the marine services sector has made strides to keep it that way.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the sea’s most diverse marine habitats, where marine life has flourished.

The latest Global Biodiversity Report by the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (IMAR) is out today, highlighting the healthiest marine habitats around the world.

In India, the top 10 most biodemic hotspots include:The top 10 marine services companies in India were:The Indian Ocean:Biodiversity is one of nature’s great secrets, says Arvind Jha, CEO of the Institute of Marine and Environmental Science (IMES).

It’s not just the abundance of fish and crustaceans that can save the world, but also how biodiversity can change the world and make it more sustainable.

The report highlights the key role of biodiversity in ocean health.

“It’s not the fish and the crustacean that are important, it’s the biodiversity in the ecosystem that we are interacting with.

It’s the interactions with our environment, the way that we interact with each other,” he says.

According to the IMES, the sea is home to some of the most biodivesticated habitats on the planet.

“This includes marine parks, protected areas, coastal ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, and coastal zones.

The sea is also home to the largest number of species, with more than 8,000 species of fish, including more than 2,000 crustaceas, over 100 species of turtles and more than 800 species of marine birds.”

We need to do our part to keep our oceans healthy and healthy.””

We need to be mindful of its biodiversity.

We need to do our part to keep our oceans healthy and healthy.”

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