When the U.S. government says it’s ‘all for you’ on healthcare, the public isn’t buying it

Share this article Share In a recent survey by Public Policy Polling, the government’s public opinion polling firm, respondents were asked which of the following statements they would consider “true” if they were given a chance to vote on a single bill: “the Affordable Care Act is all about you and your family,” “the ACA is a job creator,” or “the law is not a job killer.”

When the public was asked about whether the ACA is “all about” them, it was the last statement that garnered the most votes.

Of the 11% of respondents who answered “yes,” 62% said they “believe the ACA will create jobs,” compared to just 27% who said “no.”

And when it comes to healthcare, there are two big problems with that claim: 1) it’s just not true, and 2) that statement could actually be a false statement.

Public Policy Pollings pollsters were asked “are you a ‘job creator,'” and then asked whether they would “believed the ACA would create jobs.”

And the vast majority of respondents were “no” on this question.

Only 13% of Americans said “yes” when asked if they “would believe the ACA was a job creation,” with the rest saying “no,” “some” or “not sure.”

And this is where the discrepancy comes in: when it came to the ACA’s job creation potential, Americans were just as likely as they were not to believe it would create any jobs.

This isn’t the first time that public opinion polls have found that when asked which statement is “true,” Americans are pretty evenly divided on which of those statements is “truth.”

In 2013, Public Policy pollsters found that Americans were much more likely to believe that “the federal government spends too much money on the military” than they were to believe “the government spends enough on education.”

And in 2014, Public Knowledge asked “Do you think the government spends more on education, more on military, or less?” and found that only 39% of those who said the military is more important to the federal government thought that the federal spending on education is “too much.”

In other words, the vast bulk of Americans believe that government spending on the national defense is “more important,” but they are less likely to say that spending is “less important” than the national budget.

What this means is that Americans aren’t “all for” the ACA, they’re just not saying “yes.”

And when it’s put to them that the ACA has created jobs, they may not be willing to say “yes”, either.

So what does all this mean for those who are looking for a way to stop the ACA?

First, it means that even if Americans don’t believe that the Affordable Care Bill is a “job killer,” they may be willing and able to vote against it in the upcoming elections.

And that may help them to get more of a voice in shaping the final outcome of the legislation.

Second, it could mean that when it becomes clear that the American people are not “for” the legislation, they will start to look for ways to stop it.

The most common tactic used in the last election was to block any legislation from passing because it did not have the support of the majority of Americans.

This was a popular strategy for Democrats, but it did little to stop Republican victories.

Now that the public is more inclined to believe the government is spending too much on the defense, it may be a different story for Democrats.

The public’s attitude toward the government spending is a huge deal in the election, and the Democrats’ chances of holding the Senate and controlling the House will be significantly impacted if they can win over the majority that is now skeptical of the ACA.

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