Why a Bermuda corporate immigration lawyer says he’s ready to take on Donald Trump

BERMUDA — A Bermudan immigration lawyer said Thursday he was ready to defend the business mogul who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Michael Vara, who has represented corporations in numerous legal cases, said he was “ready to go” and would defend Trump if he were ever sued.

He said he planned to bring in an attorney who specializes in defending private citizens in lawsuits that might be brought against Trump.

The billionaire’s legal team on Wednesday accused Vara of making false and defamatory statements about him, including the allegations that he sexually harassed a former employee in the 1990s.

Trump, a former reality TV star, is currently the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

The accusations come as Trump prepares to announce his campaign for the Nov. 8 election in Florida.

Vara was named by Trump’s campaign as a top adviser in January.

He has been with the firm since 2015.

Vara told reporters Thursday that he is still a private citizen and could not comment on the allegations against him.

He declined to say if he would sue if Trump was elected president.

Varsa, who is also an attorney in the New Jersey-based firm of Hogan Lovells, said in an interview he had not yet decided whether he would go to court.

He did not say whether he had already prepared for a case.

Varas first became aware of the allegations made against him when he was contacted by a woman who had alleged that Trump had sexually harassed her in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The woman told Varsa that she had filed a lawsuit against Trump for sexual harassment, and he asked if she would like to talk about it.

Variesa said the woman contacted him through a mutual friend and was in contact with the lawyer who represented the woman.

She said the attorney called her to offer her legal help, and Varsas legal team contacted the woman’s lawyer.

“We got in touch with her and she was very interested in it, so we went to see her,” Varsahas lawyer, Kevin Fenton, said Thursday.

“We were just trying to be proactive.

We wanted to have a dialogue with her.

We didn’t expect that we would be going to court.”

The woman’s attorney, John B. Schuette, said the allegations were “completely unfounded.”

Schuette said Varsays allegations of harassment were “a complete and utter fabrication.”

“The allegations that you have against Mr. Trump are completely baseless,” Schuet said in a statement.

“The Trump Organization has never employed Mr. Vars and we have no reason to believe that he has engaged in inappropriate behavior with any of our employees.”

Varsas lawyer declined to respond to the claims.

The firm has not responded to a request for comment.

A spokesman for Trump did not respond to a message seeking comment.

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