Why Apple Pay and other payment systems are coming to phones

The iPhone is no longer the only smartphone with an NFC chip.

It’s the only one that can use it.

The iPhone and Apple Pay are both coming to mobile phones.

It will also be the first to use a standard, near-universal, NFC standard for payment. 

According to the company’s website, NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

It uses an RFID chip in a phone’s antenna that can be used to unlock a phone, unlock the handset, and verify transactions, among other things.

The NFC chip works on a single, single channel of radio waves that can communicate using just a single channel.

That means it’s incredibly safe to transmit data using the same channels on multiple devices.

Apple’s NFC chip is currently only available to a select few phones.

Its new chip will be available to all phones that can support it, meaning a lot of devices. 

Apple will likely offer Apple Pay as an option for Apple Pay on other phones as well, but Apple Pay won’t have the same benefit as NFC.

That will depend on the phones and their respective payment systems.

Apple Pay doesn’t use the same technology that makes NFC possible.

Apple has a patent for its NFC chip that is currently owned by Qualcomm.

Apple also has a “near-universal” standard that will eventually be compatible with any NFC chip, but it is currently the only NFC chip available. 

The NFC chip in the iPhone is still the only chip that works with Apple Pay. 

For the next two years, Apple will be using the new chip to make payments on all the new iPhones. 

“We expect Apple Pay to become the default payment method for iPhones in 2017 and beyond,” Apple said in a statement.

“We believe that consumers will want to pay with ApplePay for the convenience and security it provides.”

The new chip allows Apple to make a $100 bill, a $200 bill, or even a $1,000 bill out of thin air.

The chip works with any payment system that accepts the NFC chip standard.

The company also said that it plans to add support for more payment options in the future. 

NFC has been a very popular payment method on smartphones for years.

In 2016, Apple launched the Apple Pay Mobile App for Android and iOS.

The iPhone, iPhone 5, and Apple Watch are all NFC capable, but they’re not the only devices that have it. 

In 2017, a new version of Google’s Android mobile operating system is expected to make NFC a thing of the past.

Google plans to replace its payment system with the Google Wallet app, which will allow people to use Google Pay to make purchases at retailers. 

If you haven’t seen any news of NFC in 2018 yet, you should.

Apple is not planning to remove NFC from its iPhones and iPads.

That doesn’t mean it will stop using it.

It just means that it won’t be the only payment system out there.

 The only time NFC won’t work is if your phone or tablet is a Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch, or other Android device.

In those cases, you’ll have to buy a different payment system.

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