Why the CEOs of top corporations are still using the same outdated and outdated technology

MSNBC – The CEOs of some of the world’s biggest corporations are using the outdated and obsolete technology to operate their businesses and are still relying on outdated technology.

A new report from the nonprofit organization Corporate Accountability International found that nearly one in five of the CEOs surveyed said they still use outdated technology in their business.

“The majority of CEOs surveyed in a new study said they use outdated systems to perform their jobs, and more than a third said they have not switched from outdated software to modern versions, while a third of the respondents said they rely on software they developed themselves.”

That number jumped to one in four among executives who are CEO-owned, compared to one out of every three who work for non-CEO companies.CEOs are also less likely to use a personal computer, the report said.

The study looked at the responses of 6,000 executives worldwide and found that 94 percent of them still use at least one desktop, or mobile device, for business work.

While they were more likely to say they use their computers for business purposes, the survey also found that CEOs were less likely than others to have a personal cell phone, and they are less likely still to own a personal laptop.CEO’s are also more likely than other Americans to have personal email accounts, with an average of 17.6 per cent of respondents saying they have personal accounts.

But the report also found the CEOs are more likely now to be using social media platforms, with 33 percent saying they are using Facebook and Twitter.

The CEOs surveyed are also much more likely today to use online services to keep up with the news, with 70 percent saying that they use these services to stay current with the latest news.

And while CEOs are less concerned about cyber security, they are more concerned about security in the workplace, with 73 percent saying the corporate network is insecure.

“There is a real disconnect between the CEOs that we interviewed and the general public,” said Dan Greenfield, the executive director of Corporate Accountability.

“A large portion of CEOs and senior executives do not seem to be paying attention to their employees.

It’s really shocking.

The CEOs don’t seem to care, either.”

Corporate Accountability also found a disconnect between corporate executives and employees.

A third of CEOs said they do not know if they have the skills needed to do their jobs well, compared with just 20 percent of their employees and 29 percent of the general population.CEO executives are also far more likely these days to use personal email than they were when they were surveyed in 2015, with 83 percent saying their email account is personal.

Corporate CEOs are also taking on more responsibility.

They have more than doubled the number of employees they are working with in the last two years.

But they also said they are taking on far more responsibilities, including managing the work of hundreds of thousands of people.

“When you have hundreds of people in your organization, it’s hard to focus on just one person,” Greenfield said.

“The CEOs have taken on far too much.”

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